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A woman’s energy is still water, deep and inviting. A woman’s energy is the gentlest of breezes, caressing the sky. A woman’s energy is a radiant flame, flickering deep inside a well. A woman’s energy is the pulsing earth, holding life.

A woman’s energies can be moved, stirred and aroused. When she feels the masculine presence moving towards her, magnetised by the sacred life force she embodies, she may allow her energies to begin changing.

As the masculine vibration approaches the feminine, it seeks to enter into the refreshing, tantalising open spaces of her emotions, her sacred spirit, her warm body. It’s aim is to start stirring the water, whipping up the breeze, fanning the flames, breaking open the earth.

The masculine is excited, aroused, stimulated and made alive through entrance into the feminine energy field.

This is a spiritual dance: a divine interplay between two exact polarities of cosmic, creative vibration. The feminine needs the masculine in order to open up her sensual radiance and move the heart-forces around her body. The masculine needs the feminine in order to access the heart-space, the emotional frequency, the feeling centres. The masculine needs the feminine in order to feel Life.

If the masculine succeeds in the pursuit to open up the feminine energy and get it flowing for him, he must be careful with the dance he has started. He must be aware of what he is doing, because he is initiating a sacred ritual in her. It is not wise to just ‚play‘ with arousing a woman’s energies, because to her, this dance is an ancient prayer. Her deep energies are precious, alchemical forces of love. They are not to be tampered with if the intent is in any way impure or motivated by the desire to only casually provoke.

Her sacred energies are not a curiosity. They are not to be evoked just to plump the masculine ego or provide careless emotional or sexual gratification. A frivolous, devil-may-care attitude towards deep feminine arousal only makes her want to shut down. She may look as if she is ‚getting into it‘, but in truth, if you do not show her that she can trust your Soul with her inner secrets, she will not unlock her richest gifts for you.

If the masculine stirs the feminine water into cresting waves, the air into a forceful whirlwind, the flame into a consuming fire and the earth into a thunderous earthquake, he must be conscious of what his role is in meeting that awakened Shakti power.

He must not run away, hide, avoid his own virility, shut down or simply drop his potent masculine intent. This is a blasphemous move, because a woman’s deep feminine responses to this invocation by the masculine are his responsibility to meet and hold. In plain terms, if a man approaches a woman and begins to awaken her deep essence, she will begin to let the sacred energies inside her flow for him.

Her feminine core will begin to open to him, the natural radiance will burn through the protective layers; the feminine healing vibration will start to engage and flow; she will respond to the Call to open. She will be lit up with the promise of how she can finally surrender her softness and receptive nature into his hardness and potency. She will be moved into trusting the fluid revelation of her inner Self to him, in order that he support her with his unmoving presence; his commitment; his devoted mountain of love.

Not all cosmic masculine and feminine dances lead to a relationship. Not all energy exchanges translate into total intimacy, total commitment of the body and Soul. Some can be a pleasurable interlude that lasts only an evening, or even a few moments. The nature of the connection between the feminine and masculine counterparts does not matter. What matters is that the masculine knows what he is doing, even when he only opens up the feminine for 10 minutes and then walks away. If he leaves her with a sense that he understands the glory of what he has just done, she will not feel defiled. She will enjoy the opening that has just occurred, respect and appreciate him for honouring the power of it, and allow it to nourish her and prepare her for deeper exchanges in the future.

If the masculine walks in blind, deaf and dumb to the power he possesses to awaken the deep feminine essence, he risks treading a very dangerous path. If he is not prepared, capable or willing enough to meet the feminine energy that he has aroused once she has woken up, he is placed immediately in the role of coward. He cannot step over the threshold of the temple only to apologise to the priestess that he has forgotten his prayer book. He cannot ask to sit with the Goddess and then get up in the middle of her rites, wanting to flee and exit out of fear and overwhelm.

If he does this, the Goddess will send him to the very back of the student line again, in order to learn and re-learn how to develop his inner masculine so that he is big enough to face Her.

The Feminine adores the Masculine, and needs it. The Awakened Feminine also adores and respects Her Self, and knows that in order for the greatest dance of all time to happen, She must only receive the Masculine when he is ready to meet her awakened energies.

If the Masculine creates the wave before he is ready to ride it, it will crush him. If he stirs the wind before he is ready to have his mind blown, he will be swept away. If he creates a blazing inferno before he is ready to be purified and transformed by the fire, he will painfully burn. If he asks for the earth to crack open before he can withstand the great tremors, he will crumble into dust.

The feminine wants nothing more than to have her energies moved and shaken, yet she yearns for a masculine presence that is spiritually grown-up enough to handle and revel in her when she awakes.


Copyright Sophie Bashford 2018. Please share respectfully and with clear author credit.